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What Does 420 Friendly Mean? (+ 8 Must-Visit U.S. Places)


When you tell your friends you need 420-friendly accommodations. They will understand that you are looking for a place that allows marijuana.

420 friendly showing respect and tolerance towards cannabis use. It’s gaining acceptance. But, marijuana is still federally illegal in many places.

What does The Meaning of 420 Friendly?

what does 420 friendly meaning

The term 420 friendly is widely recognized within the cannabis community and among smokers (and edible enjoyers) everywhere. But what does this term really stand for?

420 friendly is:

  1. A term used to describe people, places, or activities that are open to or accepting of cannabis use.
  2. Often seen in advertisements or profiles to signal marijuana acceptance.
  3. Commonly used in the context of rental properties, social gatherings, and travel accommodations.
  4. An indicator of a welcoming atmosphere for cannabis users in various businesses – that includes hotels, Airbnb’s, cafes, and restaurants.

The Origin of The Term 420-Friendly

The meaning and history of 420 go back to a group of high school friends that were known as the Waldos. They used the code 420 as a time to meet and smoke marijuana. Over time, the term has grown in popularity and has come to represent a time of day when cannabis is consumed — it's like a "happy hour" for stoners.

Some reasons why this timing fits very well is because it's in the late afternoon hours when most of the work for the day is done, and it is time for some relaxing vibes that can help unwind and prepare for an enjoyable and stress-free evening.

420 Cultural Connotations:

420, 4:20 or 4/20 (pronounced ‘four twenty’) is a term used by marijuana users

  • Refer to the time of day they light up – usually around 4:20 pm;
  • It also refers to the annual celebration for cannabis enthusiasts.
  • It takes place on April 20th (4/20 in US and Canadian date notation)..

420-Friendly Social Acceptance and Legalization:

The US in particular has become more marijuana-friendly when compared to a few years ago.

Very religious people and seniors still disagree about marijuana use, but others are warming up to it. Most US residents don't judge others who use it, even for recreation.

The fact is 2 out of 3 Americans never used Marijuana themselves, but some of their friends did. 4 out of 10 US residents state that they do know family members or maybe friends that use marijuana for recreational purposes.

“420-Friendly” Event Spaces and Business:

420 is now used as a code by a lot of people that use marijuana. Many websites selling marijuana use the 420 moniker as a way to attract people.

The number is also a symbol within the industry and some even use it as a way to deliver appropriate access to the people that need it. You will find 420 being used in festivals, sometimes even as a symbol in movies.

For the most part, people start using marijuana just for recreational use and to destress. There are people that will use marijuana to deal with some paint and find relief. Many use it as a way to ease their mind and they do appreciate the plant as a whole.

The Most 420 Friendly Places in the U.S.

The growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis across the United States has led to a rise in 420 friendly destinations. Here are some of the most 420 friendly cities across the country:

420 friendly states in the U.S. include:

  • California:Known for its cannabis culture and numerous 420-friendly accommodations.
  • Colorado:A pioneer in marijuana legalization with many cannabis-friendly hotels and tours.
  • Oregon:Offers a variety of 420-friendly spots – ranging from urban areas to scenic retreats.
  • Washington (state):Cannabis is legal for adults, and the state offers many 420-friendly options.

Some of the best 420 friendly cities are:

  • Burlington, Vermont:A charming city with a growing number of pot-friendly rentals.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada:Las Vegas isn’t just famous for its nightlife – it also offers plenty of weed friendly accommodations.
  • Scottsdale, Arizona:Scottsdale includes many pricy yet luxurious 420 friendly spots.
  • Portland, Maine:Offers a variety of weed friendly accommodations in a beautiful, laid-back setting.

How do you find 420 friendly places?

You can often find the term 420 friendly in advertisements or social media profiles of rental properties, cafes, hotels, restaurants, events, etc.

You can also Google "420 friendly [insert event, Airbnb, hotel, cafe, or restaurant] near [insert your destination city or state]." That way, you can find all of the possible 420 friendly amenities and events close to you.

Final Thoughts:

It has its fair share of benefits while many see marijuana for its bad connotations. It’s a good idea to understand what places are 420 Friendly and how you can get there.

Attending festivals and supporting the 420 activities will help. It will bring great results and an amazing experience.!

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