What is 420 Friendly and What Does It Mean?

What is 420 Friendly and What Does It Mean?

When you tell your friends need 420 friendly accommodations, They will understand that you are looking for accommodation that allows marijuana. 420 friendly showing respect and tolerance towards cannabis use. While it’s gaining more and more acceptance, marijuana is still federally illegal in many places.

What does The Meaning of 420 Friendly?

As we know, 420 refers to April 20, the day celebrated by marijuana users. That’s when people enjoy their festivals and smoke cannabis in a free and exciting way. Since this is a time when a lot of people want to celebrate and have fun, the idea of finding places which allow people to enjoy their time and consume marijuana is what makes them 420 Friendly.

The term 420 Friendly stems from a friend group that in 1971 decided to gather at 4.20 PM every day around the Louis Pasteur statue. There was a rumor that a cannabis crop was abandoned in the region and they started gathering near the statue every day as a starting point. What’s interesting is that they gathered a lot of popularity and now people see April 20 as the best way to celebrate the 420 history.

You will find multiple connotations, as we said it relates to the 20th of April due to the number 420. Yet at the same time it also pertains to the time of the day when a lot of people light up their marijuana, which is around 4.20 PM.

The Origin of The Term 420-Friendly

The origins of the term “420-friendly” from an interesting history. In 1971, a group of friends from California – known as the Waldos – started gathering at 4:20 pm near their school’s Louis Pasteur statue. They had heard about a rumored abandoned cannabis crop, they decided to explore based on the instructions of an old treasure map made by the grower.

This 4:20 pm meeting time became a code-word amongst the Waldos for consuming cannabis. Eventually, this term gained popularity and was further popularized in mass media in the 1990s, becoming a part of mainstream language when it comes to discussing cannabis consumption. It has since been widely adopted as slang for accepting, tolerant or generally supportive of people partaking in cannabis.

420 Cultural Connotations:

420, 4:20 or 4/20 (pronounced ‘four twenty’) is a term used by marijuana users

  • Refer to the time of day they light up – usually around 4:20 pm;
  • It also refers to the annual celebration for cannabis enthusiasts which takes place on April 20th (4/20 in US and Canadian date notation).

420-Friendly Social Acceptance and Legalization:

The US in particular has become more marijuana-friendly when compared to a few years ago. Very religious people and seniors disagree, but other categories started to warm up to the use of marijuana. Plus, studies show that most US residents don’t judge others if they use marijuana, even if it’s for recreational use.

The fact is 2 out of 3 Americans never used Marijuana themselves, but some of their friends did. 4 out of 10 US residents state that they do know family members or maybe friends that use marijuana for recreational purposes.

“420-Friendly” Event Spaces and Business:

420 is now used as a code by a lot of people that use marijuana. Many websites selling marijuana use the 420 moniker as a way to attract people. The number is also a symbol within the industry and some even use it as a way to deliver appropriate access to the people that need it. You will find 420 being used in festivals, sometimes even as a symbol in movies.

For the most part, people start using marijuana just for recreational use and to destress. There are people that will use marijuana to deal with some paint and find relief. Many use it as a way to ease their mind and they do appreciate the plant as a whole.

Knowing Cannabis Reform and Advocacy

The 420 holiday is unofficial, and it comes with roots from those high school students in the 70s. That being said, a coalition that was led by the DPA contacted the president in order to help eliminate cannabis from criminal drug law. There is a lot of focus on regulating the use of marijuana and keeping it under control. Even many students within the country are speaking their mind and talking with representatives.

What are The Most 420-Friendly Places in the U.S.?

While at first marijuana was prohibited in most places, The regulations are more relaxed now. We can consume marijuana without a problem in some place. California is a prime example, we can find legal medical marijuana here without any hassle.

Then we have Oregon where you can consume recreational marijuana without a problem. It’s also a place where you will find a large variety of edibles and other interesting products.

Washington is also a stellar place for marijuana consumers, because it does have great things to do, an amazing art scene and plenty of dispensaries that provide you with access to amazing marijuana. All you have to do is to make the right pick and you will find it to be an amazing option to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts:

It has its fair share of benefits while many see marijuana for its bad connotations. It’s a good idea to understand what places are 420 Friendly and how you can get there. Attending festivals and showing support for the 420 activities is also going to help, and it will convey amazing results and an astounding experience every step of the way!

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