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What Is 710-friendly: Evolution in Cannabis


In cannabis forums, blogs, or shops, you'll often come across "710". It's easy to feel confused about what it means and how it links to the infamous "420". Therefore, in this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this number.

What’s the Origin of "710"?

what is origin of 710 friedly

The fascinating term "710" comes from how it looks like "OIL" when you turn it upside down. This resemblance is why the number is now linked to cannabis concentrates. These include hash oil, shatter, and wax.

Also, for people who are part of the stoner world, "710" isn't just any number:

  • It's grown into a powerful symbol that embodies a thriving community and a mutual love for cannabis concentrates.
  • It's a symbol of unity. It connects people with similar interests and celebrates the ever-changing world of cannabis.

What It Means to Be "710 Friendly"

Being "710 friendly" means:

  • Being cool with cannabis concentrates and their culture
  • Being open to learning about them and respecting their fans

If you call yourself "710 friendly", you're open-minded. You understand well and have a keen interest. You want to explore the many sides of cannabis concentrates.

The Story Behind the Stoner Holiday of 7/10

It sounds witty. The idea of 7/10 as a stoner holiday comes from the cleverness of the cannabis concentrate community. They love interesting wordplay. Just like "420" is linked to cannabis usage, 7/10 became an amusing code among those who enjoy concentrates.

Also, these concentrates became more popular. The fans felt the need to dedicate a day to celebrate their shared love. They chose 7/10 because, if you flip it, it looks like the word "OIL." This fun way of relating things to cannabis caught on quickly. 7/10 started to see it as the concentrated 4/20.

How Did It All Start?

The holiday of 7/10 got its start in the early 2000s. It first got popular in online cannabis forums and chatrooms. Word about the date and its significance spread, and more people started to celebrate it.

Over the years, 7/10 has become more popular. Weed shops across the country have special events and deals to celebrate the day.

What's the Meaning Behind the 710 Number?

In cannabis culture, 710 is a special number with great meaning. Many weed terms used by concentrate and oil fans include 710. Originally, 710 referred to making cannabis concentrates and resulting oils.

This is why it's now used to refer to oil-based products in general and is often used to talk about all concentrates.

How 7/10 Dab Day Celebrations Have Changed Over Time

The way people celebrate 7/10 has changed a lot since it first started. A simple inside joke turned into a holiday for cannabis lovers. Now, it's a day of events, deals, and social gatherings uniting the cannabis community.

An important part of 7/10 celebrations is the focus on learning and discovery. Cannabis companies and fans showcase different concentrates and extraction methods.

They share ways to use them and learn about the latest techniques. It's a chance to admire the skill of making these products.

Fun Ways to Celebrate 710

Cannabis lovers are a creative bunch, and it shows in the many ways they celebrate 7/10. Here are some typical ways people mark this special cannabis day.

They do:

  • Concentrate tastings
  • Dabbing contests
  • Community events,
  • Charity drives.

Is 7/10 the New 420 Friendly?

As more states in the US legalize marijuana, a new number is showing up in the cannabis world. 710 is now the secret code for everything related to concentrated cannabis products, such as hash oil, wax, and shatter.

How to Have a Safe and Fun 7/10 Celebration

When you're celebrating 7/10, it's important to make sure everyone's safe and has a good time. Here are some tips for the responsible use of cannabis: ⦁ Use Wisely ⦁ Know Your Limits ⦁ Buy Quality Products ⦁ Be Careful When Dabbing

Wrapping Up

The code 710 for cannabis concentrates now holds a special place in the world of stoner culture. It's best to celebrate the creativity and passion of cannabis fans. We should also encourage learning and exploring within a supportive community of marijuana users.

The celebration of 7/10 is changing and growing as a stoner holiday. It brings people together and promotes responsible cannabis use. It also shows the many ways to enjoy cannabis and other concentrates.

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