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Which is The Best Water Pipe and Inline Perc Bong?


When you want to invest in a good inline perc bong, there are plenty of options to consider. You always want to have a very good airflow, while also maintaining a very good filtration system.

The inline perc bong is a great solution because it comes with saw cuts and some diffusion slits. These are great if you want to have a very good filtration system. It allows the smoke to go through while generating bubbles. Then there’s also the fact that you can bring a bubble stacking effect for different benefits.

Why Should you Use an Inline Perc Bong?

You will have a multitude of benefits if you want to use an inline perc bong. The benefits are:

  • First, getting an improved airflow is always handy, because you can have a larger and smoother hit.
  • You also get less turbulence, which matters immensely in a situation like this.
  • Plus, it’s easier to clean, since it offers a much simpler cleaning process that’s super convenient.
  • And lastly, you will also find that these inline perc bongs have a more appealing design.

They have that sleekness that really sets the tone when it comes to value and quality. It’s amazing and unlike any other options on the market.

Phoenix Rising Inline Perc Bong

The Phoenix Rising Inline Perc Bong is a very popular bong that’s made using borosilicate glass. It’s around 9.5 inches high, and it’s a dry herb bong. What makes it unique is:

  • It has an inline percolator right at the middle of the horizontal chamber. That’s great if you want to filter water properly.
  • They also bring a white and clear combination design.
  • They also integrated a flared base so you can have a very good stability.
  • The unit has a 14 mm herb slide and it even features a handle too.

Grav Labs 13 inch Dual Function Inline Perc Bong

When you want a good inline perc bong, the Grav Labs 13 inch Dual Function Inline Perc Bong is one of the better option.

  • It’s 13 inches high, and it also comes with 2 joints.
  • They use a 44 mm tubing that’s quite thick, along with 2 access points, both of which are 14 mm as well.
  • The unit uses heat resistant quartz, and at the bottom of the chambers, you get a merger of the circular and inline perc.
  • It’s also nice to see that they have a 14 mm taster bowl, another quartz domeless nail and a reversible glass plug.

We recommend using a 2” water depth if you want to have an excellent result and a tremendous value every single time.

Heisenberg Inline Perc Glass Ice Bong

Using this inline bong is a great idea since it’s a durable one made using borosilicate glass.

  • It also has a breaker base designed with proper cooling in mind.
  • On top of that, the inline diffuser step offers a very good filtration.
  • They even have an ice catcher in order to offer a better cooling experience. 
  • The added splash guard is amazing because it will prevent water from touching your lips.
  • With help from the ice pinch, the smoke cools down too.

Diamond Glass Bubble Bong with Inline and Tree Perc

This model is great because it doesn't cause clogging or drag issues.

  • It has good percolation. The percolators and wide slits make for an exceptional smoke cloud. These features won't harm your lungs much.
  • The bong uses 5 mm thick borosilicate glass. This shows it is designed to be very heavy and durable.
  • It’s only 10” high, so there are larger options, but it’s still an exceptional option for the money.

ROOR Inline Perc Tree Perc Water Pipe

You want to use this model because:

  • it combines 3 percolators and inline. It also cools well.
  • You’re also getting a stellar construction since it’s made out of glass.
  • The manufacturer also added an ice catcher that’s built in, which allows all the users to fully customize this entire experience.

Plus, you have a better filtering experience, which will help make the process better and more consistent.

Cheech – 7mm Inline Bong

The Cheech – 7mm Inline Bong is self-explanatory, it’s featuring:

  • A 7 mm thick glass and the product is also handblown, which is a major benefit.
  • You will indeed get a very good diffusion system, along with 3 ice pinches.
  • It’s a very good solution if you want to use it as a daily driver.
  • The 18 mm one hole funnel is great and you also have a handle for easy handling.

Purity Inline Perc Beaker Bong

It’s also a good idea to use a 12’” model like this if you want.

  • It’s made out of borosilicate glass.
  • It features an 18.8 mm female joint, something you must take into account here.
  • The boro glass makes it all feel smoother and certainly a lot more convenient.
  • It has the 3 pinch ice catcher and other great features.

It’s a great idea to test this one out.

Inline Tube – 11″ Glass Percolator Bong

With the Inline Tube – 11″ Glass Percolator Bong you’re getting a 14mm male bowl, a horizontal pill shaped chamber and great performance.

Each time smoke goes through the water, you remove the impurities and heat. It’s a great one if you want to go for a smoother hit.

Plus, the design is exceptional, and it adds to the quality as well as the appeal of the product as a whole.

AFM Glass – 11 inch Inline to Tree Perc Bong

In case you are more about the uniqueness and style of your smoking experience, the AFM Glass – 11 inch Inline to Tree Perc Bong is certainly a great option.

  • It’s 11” high, and it comes with slitted inline percolators.
  • The bubbles go to the 9 arm tree perc and you will get less drag.
  • It’s also a product with a stunning design and a very good quality


Finding the best inline perc bong can seem difficult since there are so many different options on the market. You always want to experiment and see what works for you. We highly recommend avoiding any rush, and as you do that, you can study the features to see what works for you. It’s going to be well worth your effort, since the experience is a stunning one every time.

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