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What’s a Nectar Collector and How Can You Start Using One Today!


Accessing concentrates in a portable way can be difficult, but that’s where the need for dabbing accessories comes into play. The nectar collector is such a product, and it’s designed to be a very seamless tool for dabbing lovers. It’s not overly complex, and instead the focus is to help you prepare and use the concentrates the way you want, without any major limits.

Understanding what is a nectar collector

The nectar collector is a portable dabbing rig. The main role is to dab your concentrate, and it will help you improve the experience, while still being simple to use. In fact, it has 3 parts, one of them being the mouth piece that’s plastic based. This piece has a hole right at the end where you can access the concentrate.

Then the nectar collector has a stem which is directly attached to the mouth piece. The stem is either glass or metal based, and it also has a heat source. After that, we have the tip, and that’s where you add a heat source in order to vaporize concentrates.

The different nectar collector types

You will find a large variety of different nectar collectors out there. First, you have the standard torch dab straw that’s also the most common. It has a mouthpiece, tip and step that’s either metal or glass made. That tip gets heated with your electric coil or gas torch.

Then we have the enail, this one will offer better temperature control. You have an electrical element that heats everything. You can use the enail if you want consistency in your vaporization. Plus, you also get to reduce any type of waste, something that will become just as important in a situation like this.

How will a nectar collector function?

Maybe the main appeal of a nectar collector is that it’s very easy to use, and it can help you avoid any challenging preparation. There are a few steps to focus on.

  • At first, you need to secure the tip of your nectar collector to your stem
  • After that, you will need to use the heat source to heat the nectar collector tip
  • Your next step involves adding the desired concentrate on the surface
  • You will need to be careful so you can touch the nectar collector tip with the concentrate and inhale the vapors. The concentrate fills up in the lungs, but that happens slowly
  • When you finish, you can get the tip from your stem and let it cool down.

Do you need a nectar collector?

The nectar collector is actually a great option because it helps provide ease of use along with portability and health benefits too.

Convenient and extremely portable: The fact that it also needs a very short amount of time to set it all up makes it efficient and a pleasure to use in most situations.

Enhanced flavors: Since you will improve the taste of your concentrates without having to worry about less potency. Plus, by generating more flavors, you get to make your vaping experience more unique and interesting.

Versatile: Because you can adjust the temperature setting. That means no matter what temperature you have, you will gain access to some great benefits.

Easy cleaning: Isopropyl wipes or alcohol wipes can be ideal if you want to clean the stem and remove any of the residue.

How do you clean a nectar collector?

  • You always start the cleaning process by disassembling the nectar collector to pieces, and you should remove the tip. Unscrewing the bowl is also important here. Then, as we said, you will need to use Isopropyl or alcohol wipes to clean residue from the bowl, tip, body and stem.
  • After you do that, rinse everything with water, make sure it’s warm water. Let it dry and then re-assemble your unit without a problem.


The nectar collector is exceptionally easy to use, and it delivers a stellar amount of versatility. On top of that, this product is great for anyone that wants a portable way to access or use concentrates, while delivering an excellent value and impressive results.


What is the best way to use your nectar collector?

Ideally you want to have a concentrate, torch and a dabbing surface. After that you just heat the nectar collector tip, put it on the concentrate and start inhaling.

Does the nectar collector allow you to smoke crumble?

Yes, you can do that. The only thing to do is to adjust temperatures and also find the best dabbing surface.

Is the nectar collector a dangerous product?

Not at all, but you need to use it properly. Set the best temperature and also rely on the appropriate torch fuel. It also makes sense to wait until your device cools down.

Should you use your nectar collector outdoors?

It’s ok to use it outdoors. Using a windproof torch or lighter is recommended here. Any combustible compounds should be kept away from all those open flames. But if you have enough caution and attention, it will work extremely well.

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