How To Measure Downstem size and Buy a new downstem

The downstem is an essential part of a bong, and it is important to find the right one for your setup. There are several factors to consider when purchasing a new downstem: length, material, and joint size.

Length is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a downstem. The downstem should extend from the bottom of the bowl into the water chamber so that smoke can be filtered and cooled before inhalation. If the stem is too short or too long, it won’t function properly. Be sure to measure your bong’s height before buying a new downstem so you know what length to look for.

What is a Downstem Size

A downstem is a glass piece that fits into the joint of a water pipe or bong, creating an airtight seal. It has slits or holes at the bottom which act as diffusers, allowing for smoke to be cooled and filtered before it reaches your lungs. The downstem also acts as a bridge between the water chamber and the outer world, keeping smoke from escaping when inhaling.

Downstems come in various shapes and sizes so they can fit any type of water pipe or bong available on the market today. They are usually made out of either glass or metal materials, although silicone options are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and ease-of-cleaning features. When choosing a downstem for your water pipe, make sure it fits snugly and does not have any sharp edges that can cut or damage the walls of your bong.

Why is it Important to Get the Right Downstem?

When looking to purchase a new downstem, it is important to measure the length and size of the stem so that you can find one that is compatible with your smoking device. Using a size guide for downstems can help you figure out what size will work best for your bong or pipe. A downstem that is too short may cause smoke to leak out, while one that is too long might not fit into the opening of your device. 

  • – Improve the flow and filtration of smoke
  • – Enhance the flavor of your smoking experience
  • – Easily customize your pipe setup for different types of bowls or bongs
  • – Can be used to adjust the height and angle of your bowl piece

Measuring for the Right Downstem Size

Measuring the size of your downstem is important both when you’re shopping for a new one and when cleaning or replacing an old one. The size of the downstem that will fit properly in your bong depends on two measurements: the joint size and the length of stem.

Determine Your Bong’s Joint Gender & Size 

The joint size is measured by its diameter, which corresponds to different joint sizes such as 14mm or 18mm. The standard male joint is 14mm while female joints are 18mm. To measure the diameter of your downstem’s joint, use a ruler or caliper to find out how wide it is at its largest point.

Measure Your Bong’s Internal Height and Diameter 

The second measurement needed to find a compatible downstem is its length. Measure from the top opening (where it connects with the bong) to the end of the downstem. With these two measurements, you’ll be able to determine whether a potential replacement stem will fit in your bong.

Consider Which Diffuser Setup You Want

When buying a downstem, there are different diffuser setup options available; such as slitted and non-slitted variations. Depending on which setup you prefer, make sure that it corresponds with what type of diffuser holes available in the downstem you choose.

Types of downstems

Once you know your bong’s joint size and gender, it is time to decide which type of downstem will best suit your needs. There are several types available including

  • Straight Downstems (for improved air flow without any extra attachments),
  • Bent Downstems (for an angled draw),
  • Angled Downstems (to reach further into corner pieces),
  • Diffused Downstems (with multiple slits cut into it for increased filtration),
  • Removable Downstems (easily taken apart for washing),
  • Fixed-Style Stemless Bongs (no removable parts at all),
  • Recycler & Multi Chamber Bongs (for filtration & cooling)
  • Percolator and Honeycomb Bong Attachments (to break up smoke particles).

It is also worth noting that some downstems come with additional accessories such as diffusers or percolators; be sure to check if there is enough space in the design for these before making your purchase.

Choosing the Right Downstem for Your Bowl

Once you have measured your current downstem, consider any improvements that could benefit your smoking experience. For instance, if your current downstem is too long and impedes airflow, look for one with a slightly shorter length. You may also want to choose a diffuser or percolator type of stem for improved filtration and larger bubbles when smoking.

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